School Activities

a. Academics: Assessments are done at regular intervals as per instruction of CBSE. Following assessments are conducted.

• P.T I
• Term I
• P.T II
• Term II
• P.T I
• Term I
• P.T II
• Annual Exam
• P.T I
• P.T II
• Annual Exam

b.Non Academics: Non academics play vital role in the Cognitive and aesthetic development of a student. Therefore great importance is given to the extracurricular activities. Following activities are part of regular syllabus.

• life skills
• dance
• karate,
• Judo,
• Skating
• Calligraphy
• public speaking
• Yoga
• Clay Modeling
• Cookery

To provide ample opportunities for development of skills various competitions are organized by different clubs

A. Eco Club:

B. PCBS [ Pollution Control Board of Students

Eco club in collaboration with PCBS- pollution control board of students- conducts the following activities.

Green campus, Clean campus campaign
Plastic free& pollution free campus
Tree plantation programme

In- Charge teacher :
    Mrs. Pranali Bhoyar & Mrs. Seema deogirkar
Members:     Mrs. Pranali Bhoyar
    Mrs. Seema deogirkar
    Mr. Numeshwar Bhoyarr

In- Charge teacher :
     Mrs. Sabeeha Naheed & Ms. Suwarna Bangade
    • STD. I - Ms. Sandhya Nagrale
    • STD.II – Ms. Naushad Qureshi
    • STD.III- Ms. Ranjana Nandurkar
    • STD. IV – Ms. Pranali Ashtankar
    • STD. V- Ms. Swati Khinikar
    • STD.VI – Ms.Seema Meshram
    • STD.VII- Mr. Nitin Deotale
    • STD.VIII- Ms. Seema Chaudhary
    • STD.IX- Ms .Sabeeha Naheed
    • STD.X- Ms. Nisha Singh

C. Literary club

D. Science Club

Great poets and orators are born after crossing the initial hurdles of stage fear, lack of confidence and failures. To make students self confident and competitive literary club arranges the following programmes.

• Essay Writing
• Poem writing
• Slogan writing
• Speech competition
• Debate
• Skit
• Story Writing

In-Charge Teachers:
    English – Mrs. Vandana Atel & Hindi – Mrs. Premlata Sharma & Marathi – Ms. Deepti Kurankar
Members :

Sr. Kavita Sr. Roja Rani
Ms. Aarti Warkhede Ms. Suwarna Bangade
Sr. Ludwina Clarke Mr. Atul Kohle
Ms. Shilpa Bute Ms. Shubhangi Wane
Ms. Namrata Gaikwad Ms. Madhuri Deshpandee
Ms. Archana Zade Mr. Nitin Deotale
Ms. Madhuri Shelke Ms. Swati Khinikar
Ms. Ashwini Talwekar Ms. Sumitra Sontakke
Ms. Nisha Singh Ms. Sabeeha Naheed
Ms. Seema Meshram Ms. Poonam Jaiswal
Ms. Premlata Sharma Ms. Ranjana Nandukar
Ms. Pallavi Dakhate Ms. Baby Shinde
Ms. Pranjali Deotatre

Science being the most interesting Subject for students Science Expo is organized every year. Specialty of these expos are that Models are all working models prepared in the school hours based on the syllabus of respective classes. Other activities conducted by the club are

• Debate
• Quiz
• Seminar on the given topic
• Participation in national science Seminar
• Participation in Inspire award Skit competition District level – Second prize

In-Charge :
     Ms. Salma Sayyad & Ms. Harshada Sayankar

• Mrs. Ashwini Chandankhede
• Ms. Salma Sayyad
• Ms. Swati Danokar
• Mrs.Pranali Bhoyar
• Ms.Suchita Titare
• Mrs. Pranita Bhonde
• Ms. Rupali Raghatate
• Mrs.Harshada Sayankar
• Ms.Renuka Kamble
• Ms. Pranjali Talwekar

E. Mathematics Club

F. Social Science Club

Subtraction and Addition are just the beginning. Mathematics can take you to the fantastic world of Pythagoras , Ramanujan and Aryabutta . it is thrilling and you can be a mathematician if you truly want to be. We have the following activities to enhance our knowledge &interest in Mathematics.

Seminar on Great Mathematicians and their discoveries.

In –Charge Teacher :
     Mrs. Anita Hingmire & Mrs. Archana Dhole
Members :

• Mrs.Swati Wankhede
• Mrs.Vasudha Takhare
• Mrs. Priti Koyal
• Mr. Pratik Gawali
• Ms. Anita Hingmire
• Ms. Seema Chaudhari
• Mrs .Archana Dhole
• Mrs. Sandhya Deotale
• Ms.Naushad Qureshi
• Mrs.Sandhya Nagrale

Man is a social Animal and his life is interrelated with the society he lives in. Everyone has a social responsibility. This is to be implanted and nurtured at an early stage of growth and development. Therefore every year we take up social awareness programmes like rallies, Street plays, outreach programmes, interaction with Mentally challenged people & Collection for social causes like rescue and relief fund, ,Supporting poor children for Education , respecting and supporting old people for medical expenses etc. Social science club arranges following programmes.

• Skit on contribution of National leaders
• Human rights,
• Road safety Rules

In- Charge Teacher :
       Mr.Numeshwar Bhoyar & Ms. Manisha Kothe

• Mr.Sandip Muraskar
• Ms. Sumedha Chawan
• Mrs.Heena Patel
• Mrs. Kalpana Daburwade
• Mr.Shashikant Wath
• Mrs.Maya Churhe
• Ms. Neeta Dhabale
• Mrs.Bharti Bhoyar
• Mrs.Sheela Wasad

G. Sports Club

H. Health & Wellness Club

It is the most liked club in student life. To develop a healthy competitive spirit , team spirit and sportsmanship, Sports club organizes Taluka level Inter school Competitions and Inter school sports meet of St. john Society schools in North.. Some of the competitions held are mentioned below.

• Football
• Chess
• Running Race
• Relay race
• Kho - Kho
• Picking up Sweets
• Frog Jump

In Charge teacher :
     Mr. Sachin Saraf & Mr. Vishal Kasture
Members :

• Mr. Numeshwar Bhoyar
• Mr. Nitin Deotale
• Mrs. Sumitra Sontakke
• Mrs. Sunanda Vaidya
• Mrs. Sangita Bisen
• Mrs. Baby Shinde

A sound mind in a sound body is a blessing . Health club organizes Seminars and awareness programmes to maintain good health.

• Regular exercise
• Yoga
• Proper balanced diet , Avoiding Junk Food
• Medical check up
• Guidance & Counseling
• Seminar on Health & Nutrition

In- charge teacher :
     Sr. Amulya Joseph & Mrs. Sunsnda Vaidya
Members :

• Sr. Arpita Mathew
• Sr.Kavita SJB
• Sr.Tessy SJB
• Ms.Jerusha Peters
• Mr. Mohan Niraskar

I. Art/ Craft Club

J. Integrity Club

Art and craft club organize following progammes during the year.

• Participation in intermediate art exam
• Participation in elementary Art Exam
• Poster making competition
• Clay Modeling
• Art Exhibition
• Maharashtra Foundation’s Art exam
• Rotary Club’s Art competition

In- charge teacher :
    Mr. Kishor Bhandarkar & Ms. Yogini Wandhare
Members :

• Ms. Mayuri Deshpande
• Mr. Gajanan Ankar
• Mr. Praful Kasar

In view to ensure an overall development of a student ,integrity club take lead in arranging following activities.

• Seminar on personality development
• Seminar on Values
• Seminar on Life Skills
• Seminar on career guidance
• Interaction with other NGO like, Astha, Help Age India & Kshitij Ashram

In- charge teacher :
    Sr.Tessy SJB & Sr. Roja Rani SJB
Members :

• Sr. Rupa
• Sr. Victoria
• Sr. Kavita
• Sr. Ludwina Clarke

K. Disaster Management Club

K. Disaster Management Club Natural calamities and Disasters can strike us at any moment . An awareness and preparedness can save us from these uninvited guests. Seminar for how to handle such situations are arranged for teachers and students. Following are the activities undertaken by the club

• Seminar on Disaster management in institutions
• Fire safety measures implementation and utilization
• Contribution to National Rescue and Relief Fund

In- Charge teacher :
    Mr. Surendra Ghusekar & Mr. Nilesh Navhate

• Mr. Sachin Saraf
• Mr. Vishal Kasture
• Mrs. Shilpa Bhute
• Mrs. Sundhya Nagrale
• Mrs. Madhu Chaturvedi
• Mr. Prashant Shelke